Monday, December 12, 2011

Photos of our new garden

Here's a few shots of what's been happening in the veggie garden...its quite different climate and soil wise to where we lived previously. This garden gets full sun all day which isn't so good for your tender leaf plants such as lettuces and shade clothes are used during the hotter parts of the day. The cloths also come in handy for frosts which we still are getting some mornings.

Compost heaps stacked in the top corner of the yard. Always good to get one of these going asap when in a new garden!
 Beet root is a must for us and a late planting of broad beans is proving very successful.
 A real winner in the garden has been collards and the red to follow!
 Lettuce and parsley growing under the shade of the red kale.
  Thyme in full flower, a great bee attractor!

The cherries are doing ok, but lost a lot of blossoms last month due to some really strong winds. Cherry slugs have started to appear but a quick spray with pyrethrum and squashing by hand seems to be working for now as the trees are still small.
Raspberries have started to fruit and ripen. 
So there you have it just a few things that are going on around here...well its back to work with me!

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