Wednesday, August 19, 2009

raising tomato seeds

yeah for warmer weather! I was beginning to worry that we where not going to get enough warm days for doing any gardening, its been wet and cold..weeds are about the only thing that's looking green and healthy...well at least Big Bunny gets to eat fresh greens!
Every year we save seeds from our best tomatoes, we choose them by their early ripeness and size. Tomato seeds are easy to save, just squeeze the pulp into a glass jar with a little warm water and allow to ferment for a couple of days. The fermentation process allows the pulpy stuff around the seed to break down. Strain in a sieve and gently wash under a tap rubbing the seeds to remove the remaining pulp. Place the seeds onto a plate to dry out. Store in an envelope and leave in a dry and cool place. Seeds should last for about 4 years.
A week ago I planted some seeds into a few punnets that I enclosed in a plastic freezer bag and left them on the stone hearth in front of the wood fire to rise. This was perfect as the sun and the nights fire kept the hearth nice and warm. The seeds rose in about 6 days. The punnets were then placed into little foil trays and put onto our window ledge during the day and removed back to the hearth at night.
So far they are doing well. When they get their first true leaves they will be put into individual pots and hardened off before going out into our green house permanently.

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