Thursday, June 4, 2009

turning tomato's into sauce!

Tomato sauce recipe for Italian style cooking. Not for squeezing onto your chips and sausages.
This recipe that was given to us by our Sicilian friends.....shhhhh don't tell anyone

1-2 garlic crushed into a paste
1/2 Tblspn of tomato paste per litre of tomato puree.
2 Tblspn a little olive oil
basil leaves, fresh
a large pot

On a low heat pour in your olive oil, add the garlic and allow to soften, do not brown.
Wash and roughly dice tomatoes and place in a blender.
do this a few at a time.
Whiz it for a few seconds until smooth.
Pour into your pot and turn the heat up.
Keep adding the pureed tomato.
Bring to the boil and then down to a simmer.
Add your basil leaves.
Reduce your tomato sauce until you have a nice rich consistency.
The tomato sauce is ready when the water on the top has disappeared and the tomato pulp is left looking a little dull and has a lovely texture to it.
Pour the sauce into hot sterilized jars and seal.
We often boil these jars for 10 minutes. Once the water has cooled down enough for the jars to be removed. They can then be dried and stored in a dark cupboard. If done properly you will hear the lids pop. Sauce can last for 2 years.


  1. The sauce looks fabulous. I wish there was smell-o-vision (smell-o-puter???)

  2. Oh wow! when do your talents stop! hadn't realized you had so many blogs! everything on this page looks delicious!