Monday, March 3, 2008

white tails and wedding plans

A few weeks back Pig and I where asked to cater for a friends wedding.
We've catered for Xmas parties and sausage sizzles for fund raising but this sounded important. 65 people where attending and that included 7 kids and 1 baby.
We baked all day Saturday well past midnight. Slept until 3.30 Sunday morning when we started baking again plus adding the final decorations to biscuits and cup cakes.11.30 We drove to the reception house and went about doing the final cooking and plating. Guests arrived at 3.00 in the afternoon. More plating up of food and serving drinks. 5.00 the cake was cut and coffee and little deserts served. 7.00 most of the guests had left and a small amount of people grouped around the kitchen still hungry so we cooked and served more food. About 8.00 only the bride, the groom and us where left...they hadn't eaten all day so we cooked up some food for them too. When they left we stayed back till midnight cleaning up.
The menu
50 buckwheat blinis served with smoked salmon, cream fraiche, a caper and sprig of dill
30 Vietnamese rice paper rolls
60 mini blue vein cheese and zucchini frittata
200 prawns served with a cocktail sauce
50 roasted vegetable and polenta pastries
60 vegetarian sushi rolls, cheese and fruit platters
homemade homus and a red bean dip
Thai marinated chicken skewers
marinated and lightly roasted asparagus spears
20 herbed stuffed muscles
20 muscles with a Spanish style sauce
60 homemade tiny sausage rolls
30 little weenies with tomato sauce (most of the adults ate these)
fairy bread
sandwiches with 4 different fillings
100 almond half moons
100 chocolate macaroons
70 mini butterfly cupcakes

We did have two lovely girls helping with the washing up and serving the guests.
Its hard to believe looking back that we did all this.
I wouldn't mind doing more catering. I enjoyed the challenge and it keeps my hand doing this sort of cooking.


  1. You are quite the talent Grace! apart from your design day job, you make all those cool knitted toys and sewn wall-bunnies, PLUS you make all that fancy food to cater! *wow*!

  2. Thank you Rose for dropping by.
    No day job at the moment hence I can go wild in the kitchen and studio! YIPPEE
    Checking out your peabrain stuff...very cool indeed!