Sunday, November 6, 2011

A white spelt

 Week four and my 4th sourdough bread.  I really wasn't up to baking another loaf on the weekend but the starters looked a little on the crappy side..I'm still not sure weather I have to toss 200 gm out and replace it with another 100g each of flour and water if I'm not going to use the 200g to make bread....or can I add the 100g of water and flour to the starter to increase it's volume??
After a bit more research on the internet I've still no answer to this but I did find that I could change my liquid starter into a drier dough starter...making it easier to look after as it can remain "unfed" in the fridge for longer. so I've experimented with the white starter. I aslo read some very exciting methods of feeding starters..pineapple juice, crushed grapes and beer lees..this is all very inspiring...I love this side of baking where you can experiment with odd ingredients! So with my new found inspiration I went and made a white spelt bread using my wholewheat starter...and I have to say the best so far.

I tried a new mixing method of where all the wet ingredients are hand mixed first and then you add the flour a little at a it was a warm day I only let the first rise last for 5 hours to which the dough had already risen almost to the top of the bowl...after turning him out and folding him into the tin I left him to rise a second time over night...first thing yesterday morning he was baked.
Last night he was almost all consumed with cheese and last years vegetable pickles! YUM.

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