Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 7

It's day 7 for my sour dough starter and everything Jamie Oliver wrote about he's 7 day starter has been spot on...right down to the smells, and bubbles!


Last night the little fella actually rose quite I knew he was working. This morning he collapsed a bit but was still frothy and mousse like....and ready to be turned into bread...I used a recipe from the "Gourmet Farmer" however as I really love air kneading...I decided to slap the dough around for 5 minutes and rest it for 4-6 hours....or maybe a day...we'll see how it goes.

This dough is more wholewheat spelt flour and only a small amount of organic white flour. Here we see our dough before kneading.

After air kneading....what a difference!....As for the rest of the starter I added another 100g of spelt and I'll just leave him to ferment and then pop him in the fridge. He'll need to be fed again in 4 days.
So with all my free time it's off to play in the studio...

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